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Fully vital reviews: the system gave me youthful hair again

I had watched my hair thin out over the years, and finally decided to do something about it. This is my Fully Vital review.

Fully Vital hair reviews

Like many things you notice about other people and think “That will never happen to me”, I was aware that some other women had thinner hair than me.

But I had been blessed with thick, healthy hair my whole life, so I didn’t give it much thought. Until I started experiencing hair thinning and was forced to pay attention to the problem.

My name is Danielle Hamilton. I am a health coach and I focus on helping women master their blood sugar, so they can avoid or delay health complications such as diabetes and insulin resistance.

For many years, I followed the ketogenic diet and practiced intermittent fasting. These health practices been really helpful in allowing me to regulate my own blood sugar.

A couple of years into my health journey, I noticed that my hair started to thin. This led me to worry about my hair.

I cut down on keto and fasting but I noticed that my hair never really came back in.

My part was getting really really wide, and I was doing the center part and my widening part was visible to myself and others.

I was feeling really discouraged about it and really embarrassed. I thought about my hair multiple times a day and was discouraged.

I reached out to a few friends in the health space, looking for recommendations on hair growth products.

Multiple of my friends recommended the FullyVital hair growth system.

my friends shared great Fully Vital reviews

I got the 3-month Fully Vital system and I prayed that it would help me regrow my hair.

When the system arrived, I was excited to begin.

I took some before pictures before I started.

I knew that consistency is key for hair growth. So I stayed consistent with the products.

I took the hair growth vitamins twice a day, brushed my scalp 100 times and applied the hair growth serum every evening.

I also used the derma roller twice a week.

After following the full protocol for 90 days, I took another picture of my hair.

Fully Vital Before And After Pictures

Fully Vital hair reviews

To my wonderful surprise – the Fully Vital before and after pictures showed me that my hair was growing in again.

My part was filling in. Previously I had a balding spot on my scalp. The balding spot was filling in!

I could barely contain my excitement.

If you are looking to get help with your hair, this system is absolutely phenomenal.

I was waiting to share about my results after I tried it myself. I’ve seen so many other people get great experiences from it.

I cannot tell you how much it’s improved my life. I feel so much confident about my hair.

I don’t feel any more potential dark feelings that I am going to keep losing hair.

My Fully Vital Review

Dani Hamilton – @daniellehamiltonhealth

My hair is looking more youthful and its feeling stronger. It’s also growing in.

The other women that shared their Fully Vital reviews were right.

I highly recommend Fully Vital to anyone dealing with hair loss and hair thinning.

Here are the different pieces of the Fully Vital hair system:

Fully Vital Hair Growth Supplement:

Fully Vital Reviews Hair Supplement

FullyVital hair growth supplement is a must-have for your hair growth needs.

It’s packed with 24 hair growth vitamins and superfoods to boost thicker, fuller hair.

Here are some of the ways FullyVital helps fight hair thinning and regrow hair:

  • Balances hormones: The #1 reason for hair thinning is due to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). After the age of 35, the levels of progesterone and estrogen begin to decline in women. This leads to an imbalance with testosterone, which gets converted to DHT and causes hair thinning. The FDA has approved a pharmaceutical medication to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT in men, but it is advised for women not to use this medication due to risks. Fully Vital hair growth supplement contains natural herbs that slow down conversion from testosterone to DHT, thus fighting hair thinning and grow thicker, fuller hair.
  • Balance stress: Studies show that stress can shorten the hair cycle. This can lead to hair shedding and hair can go from the growth phase to the resting phase. Mindfulness practices and stress management are advised to keep your stress in a healthy range. FullyVital supplement contains ashwagandha and l-theanine, which naturally balance stress levels in your body.
  • Balance inflammation: Studies have shown that balding scalps contain more inflammatory markers than non-balding scalps. In particular, the presence of enzymes and protein TGF-Beta 1 signals a higher inflammatory state. FullyVital contains curcumin, which is a strong natural anti-inflammatory compound used for thousands of years in south asian cuisine.
  • Support healthy circulation: Healthy blood circulation is very important because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body, including the hair. The hair follicle is a very active mini-organ, so it needs a constant supply of nutrients and vitamins for growth. FullyVital contains french maritime pine bark extract and vitamin C to support a healthy circulation to the hair follicles.
  • Support thyroid health: Studies show that a low thyroid or high thyroid gland function can cause hair shedding. It’s very important to keep thyroid levels at an optimum level. FullyVital hair growth supplement contains iodine and selenium to help support thyroid function.

Fully Vital Hair Growth Serum

Fully Vital hair reviews serum

FullyVital hair growth serum is a powerful, light-weight serum that can be used daily to enhance healthy hair.

This hair growth serum balances scalp hormones & addresses the root causes behind hair thinning.

The quick absorbing, light-weight hair serum dries off overnight, so you can style your hair normally the next morning.

There’s no need to wash your hair or change your hair washing schedule.

The hair serum balances hormones on the scalp, boosts circulation and helps improve scalp health for thicker, fuller hair fast.

FullyVital Derma Roller For Hair

Fully Vital hair reviews derma roller

A derma roller is a compact handheld device equipped with a rolling head covered in fine, short needles.

It is primarily used for a procedure known as micro-needling, a skin treatment technique rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

The derma roller’s purpose is to generate controlled micro-injuries to the skin or scalp, stimulating the body’s natural wound healing processes.

This response includes collagen production and increased blood flow, fostering tissue regeneration and, in the context of hair growth, potentially invigorating dormant hair follicles.

FullyVital derma roller is made of surgical grade, stainless steel needles for best results.

FullyVital recommends using the roller two times per week.

Fully Vital Bamboo Hair Brush

Fully Vital reviews bamboo hair brush

Neglecting to brush due to hair thinning fears can lead to an unhealthy scalp, clogged pores, and dandruff.

FullyVital revitalizing scalp massage brush unclogs pores and improves circulation to promote thicker and fuller hair.

100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo hair brush features a bamboo handle and pins.

FullyVital recommends using the brush 200 times on your scalp every evening.

This was honestly fun. Once you get used to the brush against your scalp, it feels so refreshing and invigorating to get a scalp massage with this brush.


ARE THESE honest fully vital revieWS?

Yes, I am a real person and this is an honest Fully Vital review. You can find me on instagram at @daniellehamiltonhealth or you can listen to my podcast Unlock The Sugar Shackles. I am a women’s health coach.

I used FullyVital system for 3 months to get my results, and now I have started a new cycle of 3 more months. You can watch my video above to see my hair.

I’ve shared my hair journey and my hair growth progress on my instagram page as well.

will I do more fully vital reviews in the future?

Yes, it’s totally possible. I had great results in the first 3 months and my bald spot is filling in and my part is getting thinner.

This makes me happy. I may do more FullyVital reviews in the future. I’ve had the founder of FullyVital, Faraz Khan, on my podcast already and we may do another round in the future.

what’s your back story?

Growing up, I was really picky and liked the sweet foods. My favorite foods were cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, pancakes (mmm, my favorite), colorful and sugary yogurts, chocolate milk, chicken fingers, pasta, cookies, and ice cream.

As you can imagine, I struggled with my weight. When I got older, I switched to whole wheat but my diet was still carb based.

In 2012, I adopted a real food, paleo diet. I saw huge improvements with my health but after a stressful period in my life, I started gaining weight, getting cystic acne, and I lost my period.

I realized I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). My PCOS was a hormonal imbalance that caused weight gain and weight loss resistance, cystic acne, and missed periods.

No matter how well I ate, I couldn’t lose a single pound and actually seemed to be gaining weight!

I tried to balance my hormones and increase my progesterone but nothing seemed to be working.

Finally I enrolled in nutrition school to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). I learned that at the foundation of all hormonal imbalances is our blood sugar balance!

My blood sugar had been completely dysregulated. I constantly ate sweets and craved them. Even though I was eating a healthy Paleo diet, I ate a ton of fruits and starches.

My blood sugar was out of control – and it was at the root of my PCOS.

In February of 2018, I adopted a real-food, low-carb, high fat (keto) diet and began incorporating fasting (intermittent and prolonged). I am finally able to maintain a comfortable weight and my skin is flawless.

Due to my ketogenic diet, fasting and PCOS, I also started experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. After using Fully Vital, my hair started growth back.

It is my mission to help people uncover and improve their blood sugar issues so they can feel their best and live long and healthy lives.

I have done the above Fully Vital reviews to share my story.

If my hair growth story or sugar control story sounds interesting, then make sure to check me out at

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